Home staging has become an important part of the home selling process today. It is a process by which you entice your prospective buyer to buy your home. Many people will wonder, that doing some repairs, putting fresh paint and cleaning the home is more than enough to attract buyers. But recent statistics show that home staging can significantly impact your home selling process. It sells 88% faster and is sold at 20% more price than a similar home where home staging was not done.

Hiring a home stager should always have more value over the cost.

Cost of home staging

Home staging doesn’t come for free. You will have to give something in order get things in return. As a rule of thumb, you might have to spend $150 to $600 for an initial consultation. Most of the time, a home stager will charge you $300 to $400 for every room per month. You may need to have a minimum three months contract with the home stager no matter how fast your work gets done. So, for a big project, the cost may come down to $6,000 to $7000.

Extra costs

Apart from the cost of a home stager, you will have to spend for the different accessories that need to be bought for staging your home. These include flowers, fresh towels, lamps, cushion, rugs, furniture, etc. You will have to add the cost of these things to your final project cost. If you need to move furniture of a multistoried building from one floor to the next then you might need the help of professional moving people. So, that’s an extra cost too. If your house is new, then the cost will be even higher as you will need to buy new furniture for every room.

If you want to save money on home staging, you should concentrate on the important areas of your home. Instead of giving your entire home a makeover, consider changing only some of your rooms like the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. You can also reduce your consultation fee with a home stager by making the consultation session short.

For a 90-minute session, it can be as little as $125. The cost of home staging is affected by the size of the home and the geographical area in which your home is. Some home stagers charge a flat fee; whereas, others charge by the hour. You need to confirm the method of payment before signing a contract with the home stager. You should set up a budget and ask your home stager to do the project accordingly. Home staging can increase the value of your home significantly. (Also Read: 5 Benefits of Staging your Home).