When you want to sell your home, simply putting up a ‘sale’ sign doesn’t help anymore. You need to do more than that. In order to create the first good impression, you will need to stage your home properly in front of the seller. Staging not only increases the selling price but also decreases the selling time. So, you benefit both ways.

What is home staging?

Home staging involves arranging the décor and furniture in such a way that your home looks very attractive. You may need only a few changes here and there if your house is in a good condition and if you have done the landscaping did the repairs of furniture or have painted the house. But if you have stayed in the house for several years without any repair or renovation works then your house will need a thorough makeover. It may be required to change your furniture, carpeting, landscaping, floor, ceiling, etc.

A staged house looks apealing, modern and unique. It stands out from competition.

How long does it take?

The duration of a home staging project depends on the level of work you need to do. For small changes a few days is enough. But for major changes, you may need to few weeks to months to complete the project. Though the actual work may take little time, the consultation, planning, design, etc. takes a long time. Also, buying materials also take a long time. So, overall, a project might take months before it’s complete.

Home staging is not similar to home decorating. When you decorate your house, you include your personal likings in it. But a professional home stager will keep the likings and dislikings of many people, not just one. So, a home stage is more like depersonalizing your home. Small adjustments that the home stagers make can have a huge impact on your house.

If you are interested in home staging then you should first arrange a meeting with an experienced home stager. You should decide on the budget, materials, timeline, etc. so that your project can be completed as planned. It is better to buy the accessories before you start the project; otherwise, your project may stop in case you don’t find a particular item of decoration.

Home staging makes the home ready for the buyers and the buyers get easily attracted to the homes due to their unique decoration and arrangements. So, the home gets sold faster and at a higher price.