Home staging can offer a competitive advantage to the sellers. Many real estate agents now hire professional stagers to help them sell the homes in their listing faster. Home staging highlights the strengths of the home, hides it’s weaknesses and lets the prospective buyer dream of living in this home. Home staging is completely a new business. It needs lots of creativity and business sense. The real estate companies don’t do the staging themselves but hire a professional stager for a number of reasons.

Home staging is not interior decorating nor being a real estate agent.

Creative people needed

Home staging is completely another segment of the real estate business. It requires a group of people with creative minds to think of a home that can be converted into something that most people will like.

Collaboration gets better result

As home staging requires both creativity and marketing sense, if the real estate companies collaborate with the home staging company then they can come up with something very unique. The real estate people know what people look for in a house and they can communicate this to the home stagers to create something exactly that people want.

Takes time

The real estate agents have lots of things to do. They need to show around the home to the clients, do the necessary marketing tasks and negotiate proper deals with the buyers and sellers. Home staging needs lot of time and the real estate companies cannot allocate that time.

Provides differentiated marketing program

The real estate agents have to face great competition to get a new listing. Home stager uses professional photography to showcase the home; not the typical photography used in MLS listings. They enhance the good features of the house, thus helping the real estate agents in their marketing efforts.

They can focus on their core job

By hiring a professional stager, the real estate agent can focus on their actual job; that is, selling the property. Real estate agents are good at selling properties, so they can just do that and let the professional stagers take care of presenting the house in the best manner to the clients.


Real Estate agents and home stagers work hand in hand to get the maximum potential sales for your property.

Many real estate agents today partner with the certified home stagers to market and sell the house in their listing. This is a good investment and a very effective strategy to sell homes quickly. You can also get better value for the house. Home staging has taken the home selling business to a new level.