A real estate agent is a largely misunderstood profession and many of the ideas the general public have of it are so wrong they come close to the level of insults. Seriously, to be a real estate agent is not easy, we are not talking about walking through the park or about fun and relaxing games (I feel it’s important to say “relaxing games” because there are games that aren’t relaxing at all and that many people don’t even consider fun. There are also a lot of miscomprehension about games in the world). We are talking about a real job, a job that has impact of the lives of thousands and thousands and people and those workers would be glad if you knew a thing or two about their real life and routine. Well, you will know five things about their life and their routine; Before proceeding though keep in mind that, just like in any other professional field, there are good workers and bad workers, there are the ones who should be recognized and admired and there are the ones who are not worried about quality, truth and respect.

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They work hard:

Real estate agents work harder than most office workers. They have to be fairly good at math, they have to be fairly good at writing, they have to be fairly good at talking, they have to possess a somewhat solid comprehension about the human nature, they have to know a few things about architecture, they have to actually know the city, they can’t be lazy regarding physical exercises, they have to constantly exercise their patience, they have to be good drivers, they must have some degree of creativity, they must be willing to work as many extra hours as necessary, they must know how to dress accordingly to the occasion, they must understand a few things about interior design and home decoration, they must know well the other agencies in the business, it is desirable for them to have a little bit of bravery and they should keep their phones on all the time.

Does that seem like an easy job for you?

They care about your money:

Real estate agents may give the impression they just want to sell, and sell, and sell, but while they do want to sell, they also care about your money – sometimes even more than you do. If a real estate agent is trying to “push” a more expensive apartment, for example, it means that he is genuinely worried about your investment and, all things considered, he finds that place better for you.

They remember you:

You’re not just a number or some random client like the one that goes to a Walmart store. Your real estate agent probably have a file about you listing details of your conversations, your preferences, your address, your phone numbers and emails… A lot of work is put into constructing client’s files so they will remember you; thus if someday you need your agent again, give him or her a call. Be sure you are remembered.

They are often afraid of disagreeing with you:

A real estate agent is a professional that knows the city, knows the prices, it’s a person that knows about loads of things regarding this business, but this person may end up agreeing – at least partially – with your tremendously stupid idea because he or she doesn’t want to make your feel uncomfortable and he or she doesn’t want to lose the sale. So next time you see your agent doing funny faces tell him he can talk straight to you. He will thank you endlessly.

They are humans and have families:

I know, they seem like puppets or robots that you can just summon anytime you want, and I mean the anytime part. But they’re not. Before calling them at 3 AM on Sunday think about it. Is it really, really necessary?